2012 April

Crying out for Hollywood…

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DianeGodTVTheCRY Hollywood was March 15! 

It went great! Our Leader, Diane, got to pray on stage for Producers/Directors as well as Studio Executives.

She was also one of a group that got to pray on stage for Justin Beiber’s Mom, and Katy Perry’s parents.

TheCRY Hollywood was broadcast on God TV, and if you missed joining us here in Hollywood, you can now watch the broadcast on God TV video on-line.

There is about 12 hours of programing! You can see the segment where Diane got to pray starting about 40 minutes in the 3rd part. She prayed a couple of times, the first one is in Part 3 about 45 minutes in the video. After that you can keep watching & see us pray for Justin Bieber’s Mom & Katy Perry’s folks.

See it at http://www.god.tv/thecry- hollywood/part-3

Keep praying for Hollywood!