2022 May


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MAY 2022 – DIVINE HEALING – Free gift

Last week I was sick and was not able to send out our Superstar email or post our blog. It’s difficult when you are sick. You have things to do, but, you just can’t do them. That’s why we need to remember to pray for family and friends who are sick. They need our prayers. They need God to heal them. And when we are sick, we need God to heal us!

That’s why this month we are giving you a FREE PDF copy of the classic book by Andrew Murray, “Divine Healing.”

Your pdf-book will be available for you for FREE TODAY through next Friday.

Just log in to your Superstar account to download your free copy. If you haven’t created your Superstar account yet, you can do that from the log in page.

We pray this book blesses you and helps you to successfully pray for those around you.
Know that we love you, we believe in you, and we are praying for you!