2021 February

This Is My Call

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Free Gift for you for February 2021 from YWAM Hollywood!


YWAM International Ministry has been around now for over 60 years. I was honored to be asked to produce the opening for our International YWAM 50th Anniversary Celebration in Denver Colorado in 2010. I wrote a song that we performed live at the celebration.

As stated in the song, Ywam’s international motto is to “Know God and Make Him Known.” Our courses here at YWAM Hollywood help you to do just that.

Our Ministry Courses help you to Know God and discover who He created you to be so that you can do your destiny.

Our Creative Courses help give you the skills and abilities to Make God Known through the arts, media, and entertainment.

Our Leadership Courses help you to successfully do your destiny and equip you to lead and communicate with confidence so that others can Know God and Make Him Known. You can sign up for a class today!

For February 2021, our free gift is your access to the video filmed of the song, “We Are YWAM.” You can see the remastered Music Video, also known as “This Is My Call” here http://www.destinycenter.com/Watch/TV_Video?product_id=164

Your FREE Music Video will be available TODAY through next Friday. Enjoy this months free gift!