Welcome to our Special Easter Time “Prayer Time with Mom” that you can enjoy on-line.

“Prayer Time with Mom” was created by Diane with her Mom. It is a prayer time that also includes traditional worship hymns recorded at Mom’s church, Shepherd of Life Lutheran Church, and other various congregations. This program is created for all ages, but is especially designed for Senior Saints.

Our “Prayer Time With Mom” series currently has a different pre-recorded prayer service for each day of the week. This is our Special Easter Time prayer service. We also have other special “Prayer Time With Mom” services for Christmas.

Join Diane and her Mom today for our Special Easter Time “Prayer Time with Mom” as we pray together for you, your friends and family, and the world.

Easter Time Prayer Time With Mom Service

Easter Welcome and Opening Prayers

Easter Opening Hymn #1

Prayers for Family and Friends

Easter Hymn #2

Prayers for the Nations

Easter Hymn #3

Prayers for You!

Easter Closing Hymn #4

Closing Prayers

Thanks for joining us today! We hope to see you again soon.