2016 May

Happy Mother’s Day

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I Love You Mom! 
by Elizabeth W. Drake
There is nothing as special 
As a Mother’s Love 
Created and sent 
By God above
A Mother loves at all times
And in so many ways
Making your life special
Even on ordinary days
A skinned up knee
A broken heart
No matter what hurts
She’ll do her part
To make you smile 
And be joyful again
She’ll cheer you on
She knows you’ll win
A million things 
A Mother will do 
All because 
She loves you…

We hope you enjoyed part of this poem from the book “I Love You Mom!” by Elizabeth W. Drake.

The next few months we will be featuring some of our friends, and Destiny Center Authors, as guest bloggers. This month, in honor of Mother’s day, we wanted to feature part of this poem from Elizabeth W. Drake’s book, “I Love You Mom!” which is available on Kindle.  It is a beautiful book based on one poem, from a series of poems, written by Elizabeth W. Drake about the Love of a Mother.

The book “I Love You Mom!”, featuring exquisite photography and poetry, is a perfect gift for your Mother for Mother’s Day, her Birthday, or any special occasion! She has three books available on Kindle from this series. If you are interested there are links to the books below.

We also hope you have a wonderful Mother’s day with your Mom, and / or your children, or family or friends that you want to celebrate as great Moms!

Personally, I am so blessed to have the BEST Mom in the world! I hope that you feel the same way about your Mom!

Happy Mother’s Day!

May blessings –  Diane 🙂

If you are interested in getting this book by Elizabeth W. Drake, or any of her other books Destiny Center has published, they are available from our website, and on Kindle. Here are the links…

ILYMI Love You Mom! by Elizabeth W. Drake

A beautiful book based on one poem, from a series of poems, written by Elizabeth W. Drake about the Love of a Mother. The book “I Love You Mom!”, featuring exquisite photography and poetry is a perfect gift for your Mother for her Birthday, Mother’s Day, or any special occasion!



Other books from Elizabeth W. Drake:

AMLA Mother’s Love by Elizabeth W. Drake 

A Mother’s Love 
Will always be 
The dearest thing 
In life to me…



MML“My Mother’s Love” by Elizabeth W. Drake 

When I felt alone
Without a friend
My Mother’s Love
Helped me to mend
When I felt afraid 
And didn’t know what to do 
My Mother’s Love 
Always got me through…


CEThe Corporate Escape by Elizabeth W. Drake

“The Corporate Escape” takes you on a Romantic Adventure the other side of the world and back, as Lynn & Paul’s exciting love story leads them to America, New Zealand, Australia and Tahiti. This is Elizabeth W. Drake’s first novel in the new International Romance Novels Series, Kingdom Romance Novels, Published by KEI.


About the Author: Elizabeth W. Drake is active in Worldwide Missions and lives with her family in the United States of America. Her novels, featured in the Destiny Center/ KEI new International Christian Romance Series, lead you on an international escapade. You will go with the characters in their faith filled romantic adventures, as they travel the world to exotic Global Locations. Her poetry, about the Love of a Mother, has been published in a series of books featuring exquisite photography and poetry.