2016 February

Globetrotting 101

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globetrottingRecently I had a dream that someone had taken my cell phone. In the dream, I was locked inside a Convention Center with other people, and could not get out. I could not call anyone to get help, or to let them know that I was there, because someone had taken my cell phone. Also, in the dream, I knew I could have used another phone to call my family, but I did not know any of their phone numbers… Because all of their phone numbers were in my cell phone.

I know there can be numerous interpretations of what that dream means, but the thing that stuck with me when I woke up, was the reality of what would happen if I lost my cell phone.

I don’t know about you, but it seems that we are at the point where we seem to rely on our cell phones for everything. It is our map, our address book, our itinerary, our calendar, our weatherman, our camera, our video camera, our photo album, our office away from home, our main organizer of our lives, and our personal phone book…

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