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Change the World! 

We believe that you were created by God to have a successful life that has purpose and meaning. You were created for significance. You can make a difference in the world.

To make a difference you need to first know what God created you to do. You need to know who God is and know how He made you. Once you know what you were created to do, then you need to know how to do it!

That is what the YWAM Hollywood Online Training School will do for you.

Welcome Back to School


At YWAM Hollywood we want you to be all God created you to be! YWAM Hollywood Online Training School is a unique program that teaches the depths of the Word of God, along with the best of available academic, and practitioner knowledge. Through our partnerships with the Destiny Center Institute, the University of the Nations, and others, we are able to offer you a wide variety of online classes. We believe that when we partner with others we can provide the best training options for you and all of our other students around the world!

We are continually developing new courses that will equip you to do your destiny and to create content to disciple the nations with the truth of God. Our Destiny Courses are all about you! In our Supernatural Destiny School (SDS), you will discover God’s will for your life, how God created you, and what He has called you to do. Our creative study courses focus on training you to Disciple the Nations through the Arts, Media, & Entertainment. (DNA-ME) Students can take individual seminars, workshops, classes, and schools in a variety of creative disciplines. Many of these classes are currently only taught on-location. As the classes are made available for online students, we will add them to our website.

Discipling the Nations through Arts, Media & Entertainment Schools (DNA-ME)

Seminars, workshops, classes, and schools currently taught that will be available in our online curriculum:

Tuition Varies.

What is Included 


YWAM Hollywood offers 3 types of online courses:

1. Self Improvement Courses

2. Certification Courses

3. University Credit Courses

Our Self Improvement Courses are non-graded classes. These helpful courses often include training we have developed for you using a variety of teaching resources. Tuition will vary for each class.

Our Certification Courses are graded courses where a grade of C or better will be required to gain certification. Many of these classes focus on training you in specific areas of Arts, Media, and Entertainment. Tuition will vary for each class.

Our University Credit Courses have been approved for credit through the University of the Nations. They are graded courses that also grant you Certification. Many of these classes focus on training you in specific areas of Arts, Media, and Entertainment. Tuition is $220 per College credit hour. Additional University of the Nations registration is required for you to receive college credit.

Tuition Includes:


Graduation Certificate:

Students that successfully complete all of their classes, homework,  tests, and attendance, for their Certification Courses & University Credit Courses will receive a Graduation Certificate for their successfully completed course work.


How the Online Training School Works


Registration: After you register, you will receive access to your course materials. Once you register for an online course, it will be available to you anywhere at any time. We want you to be able to learn on the schedule that works best for you.

Online Classes: The online course materials include teachings via written material, pre-DCIstudent-2recorded audio and/or video. A few workshops are live-streaming and will be clearly identified as live-streaming workshops. YWAM Hollywood uses online education platforms. More details will be provided to you after you register for the class on our website.

Homework: Your online teaching, assignment, homework requirements, and tests will be available to you after your tuition is paid in full. You will complete the online assignment and/ or test each session and submit them for grading when required.

Additional Reading Requirements: Most classes have additional reading requirements and/or textbooks that the students must buy. Required reading books will usually have a test, or a book report, that you will need to complete and submit before the end of the class, in order to successfully complete in the course.

Planned Future Courses


MORE INFORMATION email us at YWAMHollywood [atsign] aol.com