Q: Why should I take YWAM Hollywood’s Distant Learning classes? A: We’re glad you asked! There are lots of reasons. Here are 10 good reasons WHY to get you started! 

Q: What is the cost of tuition? A: Tuition is $220 per credit hour.- The first core course is called the Supernatural Destiny School (SDS). The SDS is divided into 2 classes, 3 College Credit hours each, with each class tuition of $660, for a total cost of $1320 for the 6 hour course. 

– The second core course is called the Supernatural Success School (S3). The S3 is divided into 3 classes, 2 College Credit hours each, with each class tuition of  $440, for a total cost of $1320 for the 6 hour course.

You can also get a discount on your tuition by paying for all classes for the course at once. Tuition for either First or Second core course, when paid together is then only $1,200 total. Find out more about each core course at the links above.   More information here.

YWAM Hollywood’s additional creative studies are called the Discipling the Nations through Arts, Media & Entertainment Schools (DNA-ME). Students can take individual seminars, workshops, classes, and schools in a variety of creative disciplines. Many of these classes are currently only taught on-location. As the classes are made available for online students, we will add them to our website. More information: Discipling the Nations through Arts, Media & Entertainment Schools (DNA-ME).

Q: Do you have a scholarship or discount program for students? A: Yes, there is a discount available for those who pay for all core course classes in a specific course together at the same time. We are not currently offering any scholarships, but we hope that there will be donations in the future, that would make it possible for those in need to apply for scholarships. Please understand, that the courses are already far below any comparable coursework available in the field, and at a significant reduction from the Destiny Center executive retreat seminars, which contain a portion only a portion of the school content. 

Q: Do I have to fill out lots of applications to be accepted into your school? A: No! To register for YWAM Hollywood’s first core course Supernatural Destiny School (SDS) registration is easy! Just put one of the courses in your cart and check out! For all other students, you may have to complete a pre-requisite course to register.

If you are a current U of N student and are wanting to get credit for any of our schools through the University of the Nations towards one of their degrees, there are additional application requirements. If you are a U of N student and are interested in getting credit through the U of N, please email us at YWAMHollywood [atsign] aol.com for more information.

Q: How do I register? A: To register for YWAM Hollywood’s first core course, our Supernatural Destiny School (SDS) registration is easy! Just put one of the courses in your cart and check out! For all other students, you may have to complete a pre-requisite course to register. Email us if you have completed the first core course, our Supernatural Destiny School (SDS), and we will give you the additional information needed to register.

Q: What classes are offered? A: We have lots of great classes!

Q: How many hours per week will the classes require? A: Course work varies, but the classes and homework will take you several hours per week. It is estimated that each one hour of college credit will be 25 hours of classes and assignments. 

Q: Is there much homework? A: Yes, there is quite a bit of homework for each class.

Q: Can I still take YWAM Hollywood’s course and not do the homework? A: No, you must complete the homework, to be eligible to receive a Certificate of Completion.

Q: Why do I have to buy additional books for each class? A: As in any college-level classes, there are often textbooks and additional reading books that are required. 

Q: Why don’t you include the books in the tuition costs? A: We wanted to keep the tuition cost the same for each hour of college credit. Since the costs of the books vary for each class, we allow you to purchase them separately from the tuition costs. 

Q: Can I take the classes at home, or do I need to attend a classroom? A: You can take the classes at home.

Q: Is there a way for me to take the classes in a classroom with other students? A: Yes, we do have Distant Learning Classrooms that are lead by Certified Instructors. Email DCI to see if there is one in your area. We also hold classes and retreats on-location where you can Join Us Live

Q: How do I get University of the Nations credits for my course work? A: There will be a small additional registration expense for U of N students, and an additional application process as well. We are currently working with U of N to determine the final process of getting credit through the U of N for our classes. If you are interested in getting credit through the U of N, please email us at YWAMHollywood [atsign] aol.com for additional information. 

Q: How do I get credits for my course work from other Universities, Colleges, Institutes, or Schools? A: Most Universities, Colleges, Institutes, or Schools have their own process for accepting courses from other institutions for transfer credits in their schools. You need to check with that school to see their requirements and processes for transferring classes for credit with them. We are happy to work with any of their Administration offices to help them understand the scope of your classes.

Q: What do I need to do to receive a Certificate of Completion for my class? A: All students that successfully complete all of the classes, homework, and attendance for the SDS & S3 schools will receive a Destiny Center Institute Graduation Certificate for their course work. 

 Q: What are the advantages of receiving a Destiny Center Institute Certificate of Completion? A: Your successful completion of our courses confirms that you are certified in the course work completed, and qualifies as completed prerequisites for additional courses with the Destiny Center Institute. In addition, successful completion of our courses may qualify you for credit towards degrees in a number of other learning institutions.

Q: Can I graduate from the SDS or S3 programs by taking one class? A: No, successful completion of all core courses, including all homework, is required to receive the SDS or S3 Graduation Certificates.

 Q: Do you have any type of scheduled payment plans instead of paying tuition for the entire year at once? A: Yes, You can purchase one trimester at a time, or purchase all three together for a discount. We do not have any other form of payment plans

Q: Can I sign up my family as one “student”? A: No, each individual must sign up separately. There are no couples discounts. Because of the administrative load each person represents, we are not able to lower our per-person costs.

Q: Who do I contact with any questions concerning the Destiny Center Institute? A: Any and all questions regarding the Destiny Center Institute should be sent to DCI through their “Contact Us” page found here, or you can email us at YWAMHollywood [atsign] aol.com.