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Our courses include teaching content from recognized leaders in the body of Christ. Several of our ministry courses feature classic teachings from YWAM global leaders, UofN teachers, and respected Ministers. Some of the teaching videos are current, while some were made many years ago. We are grateful that we can all learn from the excellent content preserved by these vintage recordings. A few of these wonderful teachers have passed away, and we are blessed that their valuable lessons are still available to us years later.

Our courses are taught through written material, prerecorded video, and/or prerecorded audio teaching, therefore course content is available for you to read, watch, or listen to, whenever works best for your schedule.

Faculty / Professors / Teachers / Course Leaders

Dr. Rev. Diane Wigstone has taught with the University of the Nations for many years. She has traveled to over 70 countries and has trained students from over 100 countries. Diane has her Bachelor’s (BBA), Master’s (MBA), and Doctorate in Business (DBA). She is the current Director of YWAM Hollywood. Diane’s song, “We Are YWAM,” was written in honor of the 50th anniversary of Youth With A Mission.


Gene Berryhill, Ph.D., has three degrees in art/design/art history and extensive experience as a professor teaching in Universities in California, Germany, Bulgaria, China, Hawaii, New York, and Pennsylvania. She has taught courses at numerous Universities over the years, including at the University of the Nations, Biola, Belmont, and is still currently teaching as Full Professor of Art History at the University of Maryland-UMUC through their online course curriculum. She is the recipient of two academic awards for “in the field” professional projects. Gene became a Fulbright Senior Scholar in 2003, 2005 to Germany and Bulgaria in 2010 and 2016-17. Gene was a recipient of an NEH collaborative research grant (2006-2009). Gene is a highly sought after University professor with extensive experience teaching online classes.


Guest Lecturers / Teachers 

Guest Lectures are via prerecorded audio / video. We want to say a special, “Thank you,” to all the people that worked to make some of the vintage recordings possible! Please recognize that some of the video productions were recorded many years ago with the best equipment available at the time, and the quality is the best that was possible at the time. Although the video quality of some of the lectures, and teachings, are lower than current standards, the content is priceless. In some courses, we offer audio recordings as alternatives for our students.

Various Courses Include Classic Teachings and Content from:

Cornelia “Corrie” ten Boom is an inspiration to many. Together with her family, Corrie stood up against the Nazi regime in Holland during World War II. Her book, The Hiding Place, recounts the story of her family’s efforts to help Jews escape the Nazis. She shares, how after her family was betrayed, she found hope in God while imprisoned in a concentration camp even though she was the only one from her family who survived. Her powerful teachings on the love of God and forgiveness can change your life.